Luxury Lighting by SLV


Light is unbelievably versatile. We would like to share the many possibilities that it provides you with. We turn light into a totally new experience – not just when rooms are designed but also in terms of service, fast delivery, high quality and fair prices.
We would like you to reap the benefits of our products for a long time. For this reason we use the highest quality standards – from idea development with designers from all over Europe to our test laboratories in Übach-Palenberg and Shanghai, where all of our products are thoroughly tested. Most of our product development takes place in Germany, supported by our subsidiaries in Asia and the USA. As far as we are concerned, thinking in the long term also means continuously developing our products and working on new solutions when it comes to adapting new technologies and standards, for example; intelligent controlling and networking of devices. Regardless of what your requirements are: With us the future is bright as far as lighting is concerned.

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